Joining Hades


As you have probably gathered from the website, Hades is a very active club with a broad membership range. Membership ranges from new to very experienced, young to old, diggers, potholers, mine explorers etc. As such the club is very accommodating especially with the range of trips all over the country for all abilities. So if you would like to join, read onů


Hades welcomes new/ prospective members to apply to join the club. This will entitle you to come along on club trips, make use of club equipment and get full BCA (British Caving Association) membership. Hades membership fees are £20 including BCA membership. BCA membership gives full third-party insurance as a benefit and costs £17 per annum, making Hades membership work out at £3 per annum!!



Once a member, it then up to you about how much caving you want to do! As there is generally always another Hades member keen to go caving!


Any questions about joining Hades, or the club generally please contact any member of the committee.

Hades Caving Club 2014 - last updated Feb 2014 by Sam